9 - Ground school and catching air

Every day from the time of hatching, Millie and Roy walk about with Pi, foraging for food and building his endurance as he grows almost an inch each day. At first the family's route is around the pond, walking through tall grass, running across the cranberry bog areas, and swimming narrow channels. Later they take excursions into the surrounding woods, probably to harvest berries and catch insects.

Dancing bouts, that usually start with wing-waving by the young colt, are common in the first month, as seen in earlier Photo Galleries. At about 6 weeks, the parents start "demonstration flights" across the pond or circling it once or twice. We think these flight help motivate the colt.

On August 2nd, almost a week before Pi fledged properly, Roy flapped and Pi responded by running into a brisk wind. He lifted off for a few feet, as shown in the video.