2015.5 - Chasing the fox

Millie and Roy are constantly on the lookout for predators. In the summer of 2015, ravens were the most common threats in the early season and a cross-fox was a frequent visitor in June and July. On July 20, the ducks raised a noisy alarm.

On July 20, Millie and Roy came to Bog Central on Tall Alert. They went to the right behind the trees and then came back, running with Droop Wing displays as they pursued a fox across Bog Central, into the underbrush, and finally out of their territory.

This is part 5 of Millie and Roy's 2015 nesting chronicle.

Click here for a video of Roy expelling fox with a Droop-wing display in May 2011.

Click here for a video of Common Cranes vs. Fox at Martin Smth Hide, Slimbridge, England in May 2014.