NestWatch 2015 - a photo journal of Millie, Roy, and Arrow in 2015

Since 1996, I have kept a record of the activities of a pair of Sandhill Cranes, "Millie and Roy", who summer and nest in Goldstream Valley near Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Millie and Roy returned from migration on April 27, 2015.
NestWatch 2015
progressively updates their activities over the nesting season.

2015.1 - Millie and Roy return
For the 20th year, a pair of cranes returned in late April and reclaimed their nest territory.

2015.2 - Incubation Month
Millie and Roy built their nest on the frozen marsh and defended it from intruders.

2015.3 - Fitness and Foraging
first schooling stresses physical conditioning and finding food.

2015.4 - Dodging Dangers
Lessons include "Vigilance", "Stay-close-to-a-parent", and "Flee-and-Hide".

2015.5 - Chasing the fox
Millie and Roy eject a fox from the nest territory.

2015.6 - Run, flap, glide

Over 7 weeks of coaching leads to Arrow's first flight.

"Life of Pi" -
    NestWatch 2013

A photo-video chronicle of the education of Pi, Roy and Millie's colt in the summer of 2013.

Sandhill Crane Display

Photos of the postures of Millie and Roy as they dance their way through a summer.

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