2015.2 - Incubation month

On May 5, Millie and Roy began incubation on a nest they sited on frozen marshland across the pond. Three days after they started nesting, a pair of intruder cranes landed on the west bog. Millie and Roy summarily and loudly routed the interlopers and chased them into the valley.

The video below shows some events over the 32 days as Millie and Roy rotated incubation shifts. Roy incubated during the day, and Millie usually took the longer night shift. Millie painted herself during the incubaiton month. For Nina Faust's fascinating video of a crane painting himself with a tuft of muddy grass (tool using?), see her YouTube video.

The eggs are expected to take 30 days to hatch, but this year we saw no colt until June 6, 32 days after incubation had started. We suspect that the 2015 single colt, whom we named "Arrow", was hatched from the second egg.