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Every spring since 2000, I have watched and photographed a pair of sandhill cranes (Millie and Roy) as they returned to our cranberry bog north of Fairbanks, Alaska. In seven of those years, they fledged a youngster who migrated south.

Years of daily monitoring might seem boring to some, but it revealed patterns of behavior and rare events that can easily be overlooked. I saw one colt afraid to leave home, another fly off with an intruding family, and yet another swimming away to avoid a a lynx. Only after being coached to feed, to dance, to fly, to dodge dangers, and to socially interact was each colt prepared to migrate south with her/his parents.

For an introduction of the world of Millie and Roy, we suggest:

Early Life of Pi - an intimate photo/video diary of summer 2013

Colt Histories - a longitudinal summary of 11 years of nesting
colts 99-2013

As you peruse this website, please email us with comments or questions. We especially welcome your reports of other crane couples raising their colts.

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