The "Early Life of Pi "  is a chronicle of Millie and Roy's colt in 2013.

  Welcome to the Christy Yuncker Photo Journal.

Nature photography and Sandhill Crane biology are the foci of this website. Every summer day since 2004, I have watched and photographed one pair of cranes as they nested and nurtured their offspring.

colts 99-2013

In 1995, we moved from Vermont to 40 acres of taiga in Goldstream Valley, near Fairbanks, Alaska. After we built our house, we found that a pair of Sandhill Cranes held prior claim to the nearby cranberry bog.

This website and the Alaska Sandhill Crane Blog grew from our multi-year acquaintance with Millie and Roy. For a year-by-year overview, see the Colt Histories webpage.

Cranes are boisterous, statuesque, sometimes obvious, and often secretive. They broadcast their resonant calls over miles and communicate at close range with soft purring and acrobatic body language. Elegant dancing, mate fidelity, and 20 year lifespans made cranes talismen for aboriginal peoples and continue to inspire artistry - two examples are offered by the links to Collaborating Artists in the right column of this webpage.

Crane-watching helps us replace 21st century hubris with quiet awe. When we look closely at the same individual birds year after year, we discover an intimate world that could be missed by an intermittent observer.

We hope to better understand:

Thank you for taking time to make Nature an immediate part of your personal world view.

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Christy Yuncker and George Happ

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Millie and Roy returned on May 4, 2014 and nested, but no eggs hatched.

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