13 - August days of foraging and intruders

In late summer, most of Pi's protein seemed to come in dragonflies captured byhis parents. When Roy offered a whole wood frog plucked from the ground, Pi swallowed it, but only with difficulty, as shown in the first video segment.

Pi honed his defensive skills by threatening squirrels and mallard ducks, as shown in the images 12-20 below.

In early May, when other cranes intrude into the territory, the intruders assertively flash their red forehead skin. Nonetheless, Millie and Roy expell them forcefully.

In late August and early September, intruder cranes are relatively submissive with small reddish foreheads. We suspect that some of these late-summer intruders might be the "neighbor cranes" who call to Roy and Millie from May through August. Perhaps some are Millie and Roy's colts from previous years?