6 - Millie and Roy coach Pi as he acquires dance skills

Over the first week Pi toddles after Millie and Roy, waving his wing-stubs. Roy sometimes breaks into dance , perhaps to catch Pi’s attention with this demonstration. Pi responds by waving his wings and running about.

On day 12, Pi faced off to Roy and danced as Roy spread his wings. But a little later on that day, Pi stumbled as he danced. Roy and Millie looked intently at him sprauled in the grass. Almost immediately, Pi got up and apparently vocalized to Millie, as if he were asking for another dance opportunity.

On day 14, we see another example of Pi dancing actively with Millie, running, facing off, standing upright with wings bent, wing-waving and jumping high.

By 24 days of age, Pi repeatedly joins Millie and Roy in extended family dances.

At the end of the family dance when Pi is 24 days old, dance practice may be leading into "Ground School" for flight training as Millie leaps forward and y seems to take-off while Pi runs flapping after her.